How To find A Way To Print Holograms On Inkjet Printer?

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How To find A Way To Print Holograms On Inkjet Printer?

Over the past few years, Garage Tinkers has hacked inkjet printers to print electronic circuit boards, print on wood, create custom color makeup, and even print bio-materials. Now, Russian scientists have developed a new method to create rainbow holograms using standard inkjet printers, which is expected to significantly reduce production costs and normalize the time to create rainbow holograms Will be used for endorsement purposes.
A real scientific breakthrough is a certain new ink.


Alexander Vinogradov, the Senior Research Associate at ITMO University in St. Petersburg, used a special colorless ink made from nanocrystalline titanium, new material in chemistry fields, used in a wide range of applications Happens -Everything from paint rust, ceramic coating, and so-called smart glass, to change light transmission when voltage is applied. The ink is applied on micro embossed paper. Standard paper for hologram printing and covered with the piece by piece overlay.


Then it creates a unique pattern image in a matter of minutes. Traditional methods, including machine lithography and laser jet printing, can take days to create. Common applications for holographic prints include credit cards, driver’s licenses, passports, security badges, admission tickets, and currency. Alexander Yakovello, who published ITMO results in the journal Advanced Functional Materials Scientific, explains further why this is potentially groundbreaking for hologram technology.


“The traditional method of preparing holograms is incredibly time-consuming Is there and It consists of so many stages. First, someone needs to create a master hologram, which is usually laser recorded on a thin layer of photosensor polymer. Then to get rid of the polymer dry and washed parts. This results in transferring the stencil then into the metal matrix, which ultimately yields holographic micro-relief on the surface of the transparent polymer film.


It’s a time-and-resource procedure, and new nanocrystalline ink makes the process several times faster and less expensive, according to the scientist. If science brings technology to endurance, our printer ink and toner stores may not be long before stocks are stocked with Nano crystal line titanium, and companies have another good one to have around that old inkjet printer There is a reason why. Creating rainbow holograms seen on credit cards, paper currency and other valuables is an extremely difficult and expensive task.


But scientists have discovered a way that a common inkjet printer can print holograms. The method has been introduced by ITMO University St. Petersburg. Printing in this method depends entirely on a colorless ink, which can be loaded into a normal inkjet printer. The core components of this colorless ink contain Nano-crystal titanium, which makes the ink highly reflective on the visible spectrum. This specially reflective ink can print an image in minutes using standard printer protocol.


No micromhos Image on the surface After printing it has to be covered with polymer or varnish and a hologram is created. Printing a hologram in this method takes a few minutes, whereas in the current methods, a hologram is also printed in several stages of several days. With the new method, holograms can be made in any size. Any stage can be modified. The team introducing the method says that holograms will be much cheaper than normal inkjet. The only Nano-crystalline ink in this method is something more expensive than normal ink.

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