What Are The Elements Of Word Processing, Spreadsheet And Internet?

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The Elements Of Word Processing, Spreadsheet, And Internet?


Microsoft word is a popular word processing software. It helps to formulate the written text properly and make it organized. This formatted view provides easy reading. It spots grammatical errors based on spellcheck options, formatting functions like cut copy-paste, and grammatical errors in real-time. It also helps to protect and store documents. It’s also used for adding images, previewing full text before printing it. Organize data into lists and then graphically summarize, compare and present the data.


This allows the header and footer to display explicit information and create personalized letters via mail. This software is used to create, shape and edit any document. This allows us to share resources such as clip art, drawing tools, etc. available across all office programs. In this chapter, you will learn about the concepts related to MSWord in detail. You will learn the basics of word processing, document, text creation and formatting, formating text, and table management.


Word processing package is mostly used in the offices of micro computers. To open a new document, click on the start button and go to all programs and click on Microsoft Word. Table disciplines include pulling a table, changing the cell width and height, text alignment in cell, deleting/entering rows and columns, and boundaries and shading. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application used for creating and organizing lists of information. Excel worksheets allow you to enter, edit, organize and analyze large quantities of data and create color charts and graphs. It uses formulas to calculate and analyze statistics.


This helps to consolidate several commands using “macros”, thus saving time. At a higher level, you can use it as a complete development tool meeting so many complex needs. Describing the entire concepts of spreadsheets in detail, i.e. electronic spreadsheet elements, cell manipulation, functions and chart. Cell manipulation is entering and modifying the contents of cells. Editing or adding text to an existing document or using the cut, copy, paste operation.


We will learn how to use functions and charts in Microsoft Excel using formulas like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. This topic had explanation about the concepts of  new and existing worksheet, renaming worksheet, organizing spreadsheet, printing spreadsheet, saving workbox, manipulation of spaces, entering text, numbers And forming a series of dates, text, numbers and dates, editing worksheet data, entering and deleting rows and columns, changing the height and width of cells, using formulas, and creating a chart.


This chapter also focuses on cell addresses, numbers and text, title bar, menu bar, formula bar, and functions and charts. The exchange of information between two or more computers on the network.. This is how internet helps the transmission of messages via mail, chat, video and audio conferencing, etc. It has become compulsory for daily activities: paying bills, online shopping and surfing, tuition, work, talking with colleagues etc. In this title, we are going to discuss in detail concepts like basics of computer networks.


Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Concept of Internet, Basics of Internet Architecture, Internet Services, World Wide Web & Website, Internet Communication, Internet Services, Computer Preparation for Internet Access, ISPs & Examples (Broadband/Dial Up/Wifi), Internet Access Techniques, Web Browsing Software, Popular Web Browsing Software Wear, web browser configuration, search engines, search for popular search engine/content, accessing web browser.


Using favorite folder, web pages and printing web pages. The internet is called the network of networks. It is a global communication system that connects thousands of individual networks. Internet architecture is a meta network, meaning a group of thousands of separate networks that communicate with a shared protocol. The Internet acts as a career for several diverse services, each with its own specific features and purposes. One can communicate via the Internet by using email, internet relay chat, video conferencing, etc.


A chart worksheet is a graphical representation of the data. Charts can make data interesting, compelling and easy to read and examine. They can also help you analyze and compare data.. Search engine is an application that helps you to find content on the web. This shows multiple web pages based on the content or one word you typed. There are multiple ways to access a webpage such as url, using hyperlinks, navigating tools, search engines, etc.


Communication means the exchange of information between people over the Internet. The Internet provides a foundation of communication and collaboration that can be used using mail, chat, Skype, etc. When dealing with governmental matters, email messages assist in the exchange of text documents, web pages, audio, video, etc.
In this title, we are going to discuss email basics, email addressing, email client formation, email use, email client opening, mailbox, creating and sending a new email in detail are, answering email message.


Sending email message, sorting and finding email, email advance features, sending documents by email, turning on spell check, using address book, software Sending as attachment, handling spam, instant messaging and collaboration using emotional and some internet etiquettes. Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful resource for MS Office, which helps build and design presentations. PowerPoint presentation is a row of slides that provide information to people in an engaging manner.


In this chapter, we’re going to discuss applications in detail using Microsoft PowerPoint, preparing a presentation using templates and blank presentations, opening and saving a presentation Exchange in detail in detail Will consider, entering and editing text, entering and deleting slides in presentations, preparing slides, entering word table or excel worksheets and other items, adding clip arts, recreating and scaling objects, presenting text Enhancing the curb, working with colors and line styles, adding film and sound, header and footer.


Choosing a setup for presentation viewing, printing slides and handouts, slideshow, Running slideshow, transitions and slide timings, automates the slideshow.

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