What Was About Mehmood Ghaznavi? Part 1

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What Was About Mehmood Ghaznavi? Part 1


The early days of Islam, it is a matter of the time of the Rashidah Caliphate. That King Ernie was defeated by the Muslims of Yazdgar and went to this area of Turkmanistan along with his companions. This was the native land of the Turks. And while living here and marrying locals, after a few generations, the descendants of Yazd Gur were completely abandoned. A thousand years ago, a young Turk from the same family was enslaved. This slave was bought by ‘Alpat Gain’, a governor of the Samania Kingdom, the most powerful kingdom of Central Asia.
The name of this slave was ‘Sabukat Gain’.


The same ‘Sabukat Gan’ whose son we and you know as Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi. Ghulam ‘Sabukat Gain’ moved closer to his master ‘Alpat Gain’ very quickly due to his bravery and ability. Alpat Gain was the governor of the Commonwealth. The Common Kingdom was established twelve hundred years ago from today. During its peak, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and many parts of Pakistan were part of the kingdom.


But the story of the era we are telling then The material kingdom was falling apart. The goods of ‘Alpat Gain’ were also somewhat inhibited by the ruler Abu Mansoor. This is why ‘Alpat Gain’ rebelled and established a government on the Ghazni territory in Afghanistan. And declared their independence. This success of ‘Alpat Gain’ benefited its slave subject Gain. It happened that Ulpat Gan promoted Sabkat Gan and made him general.
And assigned him the task of conquering other territory outside the Kingdom.


Subkat Gain attacked Multan and Laghman provinces several times. These areas were part of King Jay Paul’s kingdom. Subkat Gain had made thousands of residents slaves from these areas and sent them to Ghazni too.
When Alpat Gain died, only 2 years after him, his son and successor Isaac also died. Now there was chaos in Ghaznavi kingdom. Chaos was and now needed a competent ruler to run it.


So the army and the courtiers put Subukat Gain, the son-in-law of Alpat Gain, on the throne of Ghazni. When the teacher sat on the throne, his eldest son Abdul Qasim or Abul Qasim Mahmood was only six years old. History knows the same child as Mehmood Ghaznavi. Subukat Gain had subdued the small Ghazni kingdom to the modern kingdom. And he himself became the governor of goods in Ghazni. His entire focus was on training his son Mehmood Ghaznavi in both combat and political types.


Perhaps he was preparing his son to become a future king. This is the reason why Mahmood Ghaznavi had become very handsome during the 20-year rule of his father. He seemed to be a strong young man of decent height. According to the books, he was so powerful that the gris and spear he used could hardly be picked up by others. He was always going to by his father’s side. The first major test of his life was in the with India’s King Jay Paul. Jay Pal also came out to compete and a fierce battle broke out between both armies in Laghman area.


Mahmood Ghaznavi fought this very selflessly. Jay Paul’s army also kept fighting strongly. But there was an issue with Jay Paul’s army. That most of its soldiers were from Punjab and were not accustomed to the harsh cold. So that weakness was used in a weird way. That is that Mahmood Ghaznavi was told by the people that there is a water fountain near Ja Pal’s army. If shit was put in it it would be cold asf. And then the Punjabi army, who are never used to the cold weather, will be shaken and unable to fight.


So, on the order of Mehmood Ghaznavi, the soldiers started throwing shit in this fountain. Now call it just a coincidence or something else that shortly after that clouds covered the sky. First, it rained and then it snowed from the sky. It snowed so hard that the cattle died in J. Paul’s camp. Soldiers also started falling ill from the cold.
This was a disaster for Jay Paul. So Jay Paul requested Sabukt Gain to make peace with the king by taking 10 lakh dirhams and 50 elephants.


The lesson was prepared immediately, but Mahmood Ghaznavi opposed reconciliation. Seeing the opposition of his son, the subject also started thinking. He was undecided yet that one of the king’s cardamom approached him.

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