What Was About Mehmood Ghaznavi, Part 2?

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What Was About Mehmood Ghaznavi, Part 2?



History knows the same child as Mahmood Ghaznavi. Subukat Gain had subdued the small Ghazni area to the ultramodern area. And he himself came the governor of goods in Ghazni. His entire focus was on training his son Mehmood Ghaznavi in both combat and political types. Maybe he was preparing his son to come a unborn king.
This is the reason why Mahmood Ghaznavi had come veritably handsome during the 20- time rule of his father.
He sounded to be a strong youthful man of decent height.


According to the books, he was so important that the gris and shaft he used could hardly be picked up by others.
He was always going to by his father’s side. The first major test of his life was in the with India’s King Jay Paul. Subukt gain attacks king jay confidante’s area. Jay Pal also came out to contend and a fierce battle broke out between both armies in Laghman area. Mahmood Ghaznavi fought this veritably selflessly. Jay Paul’s army also kept fighting explosively. But there was an issue with Jay Paul’s army. That utmost of its dogfaces were from Punjab and weren’t oriented to the harsh cold wave.


So that weakness was used in a weird way. That’s that Mahmood Ghaznavi was told by the people that there’s a water root near Ja Pal’s army. If shit was put in it it would be cold asf. And also the Punjabi army, who are noway used to the cold rainfall, will be shaken and unfit to fight. So, on the order of Mehmood Ghaznavi, the dogfaces started throwing shit in this root. Now call it just a coexistence or commodity differently that shortly after that shadows covered the sky.


First it rained and also it decolorized from the sky. It decolorized so hard that the cattle failed inJ. Paul’s camp.
Dogfaces also started falling ill from the cold wave. This was a disaster for Jay Paul. So Jay Paul requested Sabukt Gain to make peace with the king by taking 10 lakh dirhams and 50 mammoths. The assignment was prepared incontinently, but Mahmood Ghaznavi opposed conciliation. Seeing the opposition of his son, the subject also started allowing.


He was undecided yet that one of the king’s cardamom approached him. Elchi advised ‘ Sabukt Gain ’ that if he fails to attune with Rajputs i.e.J. Paul, mayhem on both sides. The reason he was told that this is a ritual of Rajputs That in similar circumstances, they kill their women and children and burn their homes and enter the species of the adversary. After harkening to Elchi’s statement,’ Sabukt Gain’ agreed for peace.


but. Paul had commodity additional cuisine on his mind. Jay Pal went to Lahore along with some officers of Subukat Gain So that they could pay a compensation of ten lakh dirhams. But the scene changed as soon as he reached Lahore. He captured officers of Subukt Gan and started preparing for a new This time rather of fighting alone, he sought help from other countries of the Indian region Delhi, Ajmer, Kalenger and Qanoj.
With the help of all these countries, Jay Pal reached Laghman with an army of one lakh.


In response, Subukat Gain also came out to contend. It was a huge army but Subukat Gan did not have a big army to contend with. So he pulled a trick. rather of attacking directly, Sabukat Gain divided his colors into colors of five, five hundred. also, he set up those spots in Jay Paul that this big army Those who were weak in his eyes. Also, this team of five five hundred only continuously attacked these weak points. Jay Paul could not repel that fashion and got a terrible defeat.


After this palm, Subkatgen also entered a heavy compensation And he added the entire area from Laghman to Peshawar to his area of Ghazni. Mehmood Ghaznavi’s military training was bright in the fights with Jay Pal.
But her father did not forget to train her morals moreover. It’s said that formerly Mahmood Ghaznavi had a veritably magnific house erected in his theater. And invited my pater to a veritably precious feast. But the’ Sbukat Gan’ told his son when he saw the house

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