What Was About Tipu Sultan And What Does History Tell About Him Part 2?

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What Was About Tipu Sultan And What Does History Tell About Him Part 2?


Dalits are hated so much at present, that it is not difficult to estimate how high their morale would have been in the past. The strict steps taken by BJP to control such rebellious rebels have been given pepper to them. Doing good and trying to defame Tipu Sultan while she herself is not stopping to use UAPA and rebellion laws against her opponents. History is witness that backward women in the Karnataka area connected to Malabar Co were not allowed to wear cloth above the waist.


In that era, these oppressed women were fined or taxed for covering their chests. After taking power, Tipu Sultan conquered these areas and ended the atrocities against women. It hurt the interests of the classes that sustained their greatness by humiliating them and entertained by this nudity and they opposed it. Tipu Sultan had to suppress them for equality as a just ruler. Tipu Sultan banned legal human sacrifice at the temple of Kali Devi near Mysore.


Banned social evils such as offering women as offerings, their purchase, prostitution, and use of drugs. Therefore, they Opposed it. Now if someone tries to gain political interest by making this virtue a defect, what should be done to him. On the revelation of the temple during the construction of a mosque in the Malai area of Mangaluru and the demand for religious rituals there, Kumar Swami said these are not religious rituals but following the orders of RSS center Keshu Karpa.


He called this Rahjan national Told harmful for development. According to Kumar Swami, there is a risk of erosion of peace and brotherhood within the country in the coming days. It is clear that BJP will put its political rivals in trouble by raising such issues. They will also answer this because the Mandia district is their home.
The time has come to show a mirror to those who accused Tipu Sultan of demolishing ‘Modla Baglu Anjaneya Swami Temple’ and constructing a high mosque.


His personality is a thorn in the eyes of right-wing organizations because it is impossible to deny the historical fact that They strongly opposed the British and these sectarians became dishonest and loyal to Francis. That is why BJP keeps bringing up Tipu Sultan’s issue to cover up their guilt feelings. This sectarian politics since live Junta falls on the heart(s), so the son of Dewe Gora and former Chief Minister Kumarswami challenged the claim of Hindus that a deity came in a dream.


And told her the real place (which is usually a mosque) so A temple should be built there. Kumar Swami admitted that Tipu Sultan had donated land to several Hindu temples. He then questioned that now if it is proved that the land belonged to Muslims, will Hindus return the temple? It’s time to ask such straightforward questions rather than just offering clarifications. . Tipu Sultan wrote an interesting letter to a high priest of Srinigiri that also rings true for the Singh family. Tipu wrote, “Those who belong to a sacred place”.


What is this dirty and outrageous step against? They will surely pay for their sin very soon and further, it is written that people commit atrocities and wrong deeds with laughter and smile and suffer the consequences with tears.” Letter from Tipu Sultan and Temple Priest Waqtabat is in the historical library of Mysore. Singh people should take out some time to read it and learn a lesson.

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