What Was About Tipu Sultan And What Does History Tell About Him?

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What Was About Tipu Sultan?

A new controversy erupted as a park in Mumbai’s Maloni was announced to be attributed to Tipu Sultan amid Hanuman Chalisa’s threats. These opponents were not aware that Tipu Sultan was not Maharashtra to fight Marathas like Aurangzeb. They came but they went to Mysore. They didn’t even invite and even if they had called, there was an alternative of not going. Now if someone fights with someone without realizing his weakness and returns after losing, then what is the fault of the loser.


Tipu Sultan’s opponents did not know that he was the hero of Indian identity in the 19th century. He fought not only against the Marathas but also against the joint forces of the British and Hyderabad system. That issue was not Hindu Muslim but slavery and freedom. By the way, these Hindutwanwaz were also one of the British responsible. It is a historical fact that the army of Maratha Raja Raghunath Rao Patwardhan attacked Srinigiri Math and looted all the jewelry and also disrespected the Gods and Goddesses.


In response, Tipu Sultan not only donated Srinagiri but Malkot, Kulwar Mokambika temples corner only, and d Year Zero jewels, not only jewels but also protection. Tipu wrote to Swami of Sringeri Math in a letter. ‘People who have sinned against this holy place will soon be punished for their misdeeds.’ This is the result of the fraud of the gurus That their whole family will be destroyed’. Forgetting this favor, controversy is being raised over Tipu Sultan at present.


But no one dares to speak against the Marathas who are plundering the monastery due to political damage.
Tipu Sultan was martyred in the War of Independence while defending his fort at Sriranga Patnam in May 1799, so paying tribute to him the Sidaramia-led Congress government made an annual official Initiated the program but from 2015 BJP started opposing it. The in-state condition was very bad when ex-CM BS Yedi Europe became CM again in 2019.


BJP high command their age and corruption and Didn’t want to ascend to that position. The party was deprived of a clear majority in the assembly and was governed by bought members from outside. To hide their weaknesses, Yedi Europa removed the chapter of Tipu Sultan from the history book of secondary schools When talked about removing it, there was an uproar on it. Yedi Europe became chief minister three times before but they didn’t think of Tipu Sultan because he was not needed or supported the opportunity.


But last time he showed his true colors that’s another thing despite that High Command chased him out of milk like flies and he left Rohana. Well, immediately after coming to power last time, his BJP government rocked Tipu Sultan’s birthday celebrations to create a sensation in the media. The reason for this contradiction was that Tipu Sultan gave the names of his subjects which are hidden in the first official decree. In this, he said that he considers it his duty to uphold the morals of his subjects without discrimination of religion.


And nation Reform and strive for their prosperity and economic and political development. Also, take special steps to reform Muslims on a religious and moral basis. In addition, Tipu united the people of the whole of India to expel the British from the country and to rescue the oppressed and helpless people of his kingdom from the oppression of the landlords and landlords by treating everyone equally on the basis of justice. Committed to. The multiplicity of the reforms carried out by them, in whose interest it fell, they revolted and had to deal with them.


Hatred is being spread against Muslims under the guise of these incidents. Andhra Pradesh’s recent example of this. It can be understood from. There was no change of name of konsima district but only Dr. B.R. Ambed kar was added. So-called superior caste people got so irritated that they set fire to member assembly Ponada Satish’s house. Why is it right to defame the government by calling the action against the violent protesters as opposition to a particular sect?

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