Why Cucumbers Are good For Health

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Why cucumbers are good for you

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The average adult consumes about 3 quarts (12 cups) of water every day. About a quarter of this usually comes from food. Cucumbers are an excellent source. Everyone is about 95% water. This is important because your cells need enough water to function properly. Without it, you could get dizzy and get sick.. In serious cases, you may need to go to the hospital for treatment.

Maintaining a healthy weight
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All that water in a cucumber just don’t hydrate your cells. It also fills up your stomach, and it may help you eat less. Take only one Cup Of Sliced Cucumber Has 16 Calories on it. Its means it has a lot of “energy density”. “People who eat over expensive foods often find it easy to lose weight.”

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Cucumber is full of them. In just one cup of cucumber slices, you’ll get 14% to 19% of the vitamins you need for the day. You will also find vitamins B and C along with minerals like copper, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

Blood Sugar Control
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High blood sugar can help produce many cell damaging substances called ROS and ROC. The cucumber has shown some promise, mostly in animal studies, in controlling this problem. The rats who ate more cucumber made less ROS and ROC. Need more studies on people to support these findings.

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These tiny chemicals help protect your cells from damage due to a substance called  fundamentalist” in your body. They not only protect cells but also reduce the inflammation associated with arthritis and other long-term conditions.

Heart health
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Cucumber is good for your tummy when you add them to a balanced diet. Their antioxidant activity helps slow or prevent heart-related disease. And some research shows that the unique mixture of nutrients in cucumber seeds can help improve your cholesterol count, directly impacting heart health. So ditch those “restless” cucumbers and go for the real thing!

Keeps you on a regular basis
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Eat lots of healthy foods like cucumbers, and you leave less room for high salt and high-fat foods that can slow your digestion process. Plus, you can prevent yourself from boosting the hydration you get from the water in a cucumber (extension). They also have plenty of fiber, which helps in keeping things together.

Fermented pickles
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To yeast cucumbers, you leave them in a salt solution until bacteria starts feeding on them. It takes a complex flavor and a specific sour bite. It also produces the “good bacteria” (probiotics) that helps your body fight off germs, absorb nutrients, digest food and even manage anxiety. But shoppers beware: a lot of supermarket “pickles” are just cucumbers in a vinegar solution, which is not the same.

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